Donate to the Center for Island Sustainability

Did you know that the UOG Endowment Foundation supports more UOG programs than just scholarships? You can donate today to support the Center for Island Sustainability (CIS).

CIS is one of the leading organizations on Guam committed to promoting and researching sustainable ideas and practice on our island. Supporting CIS is supporting reforestation initiatives, environmental research projects, eco-conscious advocacy, and more! The Center is the focal Institute at the University of Guam for adapting and modeling sustainable technologies that meet the needs of island communities in the broader areas of the environment, economy, society, and education.

In honor of the week-long Conference on Island Sustainability (which CIS hosts and the UOG Endowment Foundation is proud to partner with them on), donate today to support the work they are doing across Guam and the region. And don’t forget that many of the conference days have events which are open to the public. See for more information on the conference, and download a full conference agenda. 

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