The following is a list of scholarships that are available through the UOG Endowment Foundation.

Students are encouraged to read the scholarship requirements carefully before applying to ensure their application is accurate and complete.

Students must fill out the application form linked below or email our offices for a copy at, and submit it along with an Official Copy of their transcripts from the last institution they were enrolled in and any supplemental materials required by the scholarship guidelines, to the UOG Endowment Foundation offices by the application deadline. Submissions are accepted online via the link below, and any supplemental materials may be submitted via email at Students may also drop off hard copy applications at the UOG Endowment Foundation office by scheduling an appointment. Supplemental materials may include letters of recommendations, essay, or any other component listed in the description. Students are welcome to contact the UOG Endowment Foundation if they have any questions about scholarship eligibility requirements or application requirements.

  • Submissions will also be accepted via email by attaching the scholarship application form (available for download at the link below) to an email and submitting to
  • For transcripts, you can submit a request online by going here:   Admissions and Records will email a copy of the official transcripts directly to the UOG Endowment Foundation.
  • Students who are applying to more than one scholarship need only submit one (1) official transcript, but must have a separate application form/other additional materials for EACH scholarship they are applying for.
  • Students are encouraged to CC in transcript request emails to admissions, to alert us that transcripts have been requested before the deadline date.
  • If submitting supplemental materials via email, please indicate in body of email the student name and which scholarship(s) the materials are being submitted for.
  • Some letters of recommendation writers may want to submit their letters directly to the UOG Endowment rather than through the student. They may do so by emailing their letter to Please have them indicate in the email header the name of the student and the name of the scholarship.
  • To submit application materials in hard copy form, please mail to 303 University Drive UOG Station, Mangilao, Guam 96913.
  • Please note that due to a high volume of applications, we cannot send confirmation emails to every applicant upon receipt of transcript or application. 

For more information, please email us at

Click the button below for the Online Application Portal and/or to Download the Application Form PDF

Open Scholarships

Please note the scholarships listed below are ones that are open for application submissions.

🔱 The More Like Jimmy Scholarship is now closed for application submissions.

Thank you all to those who applied. We wish you the best of luck!

Students MUST fill out the application form and email it to the UOG Endowment Foundation office at

Additional scholarships may be available through the UOG Financial Aid office. A list of those scholarships and their application processes can be found on their website.

Most of these scholarships are made possible through generous contributions from donors who have a passion for helping students and improving lives. If you are interested in setting up a scholarship in your name, in honor of a loved one, or in support of a cause you care about, we would love to chat with you. Call our offices at (671) 735-2957 to learn more.

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