A Special Thank You

This year’s Founders Day Gala was extra special as we had an opportunity to show the University’s gratitude for the loyal commitment by the late Mr. Pedro “Pete” Ada and the late Mrs. Fe Perez Ada. Over the decades, the Ada family has been highly involved in UOG’s leadership as both the late Mr. Ada and his son Sonny Ada have chaired the Board of Regents and son-in-law Mr. David John continues to serve as a director with the UOG Endowment Foundation.

The Adas have also supported numerous projects across the campus such as the ROTC program, the Center for Island Sustainability and countless events.

The recent gift to the Celebrating the Triton Spirit: Building Our Legacy Campaign will do two things. First, a major portion of their gift will go towards capital improvement projects that will allow our students to learn and grow on a 21st Century Campus. Secondly, a portion of their gift will go to create the Pedro & Fe Ada Seed Fund will allow students in the Masters of Public Administration program to increase the impact of their projects that reach into the community and provide meaningful social change. For all this, we are truly grateful!

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