G is for Giving 2018 is here!

Society of Emeritus Professors and Retired Scholars donated to fund their own scholarship

It’s that time of year again- G is for Giving, our annual end-of-year fundraising campaign kicks off officially on Tuesday, November 27 (#GivingTuesday). G is for Giving is a time for the UOG community, including students, faculty and staff, parents, alumni, and community members, to come together and support UOG students by donating with the Triton spirit. 

Last year the G is for Giving campaign raised over $21,000 for student scholarships. This year, we are hoping to raise even more, with a goal of $25,000 to support student scholarships, research, and programs. 

What makes G is for Giving special is two main things. First, it’s way for people who love UOG to make a gift that has a big impact- even gifts of $5 or $10 dollars, when added together with hundreds of other donors, can pay for a student’s education! And second, it is a chance for a donor to support a scholarship or program that matters to them. Donors who donated to CLASS last year, for example, saw 5 students in that school receive academic scholarships as a result of their gift!

CLASS students receiving their G is for Giving scholarships

By giving donors the chance to choose where their donation will go, we allow people to support the schools (like the School of Education) and programs (like the Center for Island Sustainability) that matter the most to them. And these scholarships can be flexible, to suit the needs of students- perhaps a student has a loan for tuition but needs extra money to fund a research project, or afford their textbooks… G is for Giving makes this rich academic experience possible.

Think about what your college experience meant to you, and imagine how it would feel to give the gift of that experience to a student today. Consider making a tax-deductible contribution- you can donate online here. Biba UOG! 

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