Board of Directors

The University of Guam is the heart and soul of the UOG Endowment Foundation. We must continue to nurture and provide it with the sustenance it deserves in order to allow it to grow and reach its full potential. The University continues to grow and strive in its quest to achieve its unending goal of higher learning. The foundation will continue to be an exceptional tool in the University’s attainment of its respective goals. The members of the Board of Directors for the foundation and members of the Board of Regents to the university represent a large cross-section of the community to include professionals in medicine, tourism, wholesale, airlines, real estate, engineering, government, and other collateral businesses.

Jesse J. Leon Guerrero
Board Chairman

Mr. John T. Calvo
Vice Chairman
Mr. George Chiu
Anita Borja-Enriquez, DBA
UOG President / UOGEF Executive Secretary
Gov. Joseph F. Ada
Dr. Saied Safabakhsh
Mr. David J. John
Ms. Flo Martinez
Ms. Lesley-Anne Leon Guerrero
Board of Regents Representative
Ramona Jones
Brig. Gen. Roderick R. Leon Guerrero, USA, RET.

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