Regional Center for Public Policy

The Regional Center for Public Policy (RCPP) aims to be the regional nexus in Micronesia where leaders converge to address, collaborate and solve crucial issues in relation governance, leadership and public policy.


The Regional Center for Public Policy (RCPP) is an initiative of the School of Business and Public Administration.  It was established under the leadership of Dr. Annette Taijeron Santos, Dean of SBPA, and co-founded by Dr. John J. Rivera and Dr. Gena Rojas.  Primary support comes from the Public Administration and Legal Studies Faculty.

The Regional Center for Public Policy (RCPP) was endorsed by Senior Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Anita Enriquez and officially approved in November of 2016 by President Dr. Robert Underwood.


The Regional Center for Public Policy (RCPP) will create a globally minded and locally relevant strategic conduit whose purpose is to effectuate policy review, innovation, and change. 

Vision Statement:

The Center aims to become the premier policy research nexus in the region.

Mission Statement:

It is our mission to innovate and improve governance, leadership and public policy for the people and institutions of Guam, the Asia-Pacific, and the world.  Through education, research, professional development and public service we will be the premier catalyst for excellence and a repository of indigenously relevant knowledge


Dr. Annette Taijeron Santos, DBA
Dean, School of Business and Public Administration

Director & Co-Founder

Dr. John J. Rivera, PhD
MPA Program Director

Phone: (671) 735-2501 / 20

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