Capital Campaign

As the University of Guam academic programs receive recognition from specific accreditation bodies and as community confidence in the University continues to grow, it is anticipated that the current facilities will need to expand to meet increased demand an to create environments that are conducive to learning and research.

We ask for your support to help foster a nurturing learning environment so that we may continue to provide the leadership and talent that sustains our Western Pacific Region.

In evaluating proposed naming/renaming opportunities, consideration will be given for individuals or families providing evidence of significant academic achievement, significant monetary contributions or exemplary service to UOG, and for names of individuals of historical significance to UOG. Naming opportunities may be assigned for a living person, in memory of a person, or after a family, foundation, association, service club, business or corporation. The naming for a benefactor may also apply for a third party at the wish of the benefactor and must be agreed upon by the honoree if living.

Naming a Physical of Virtual Space
The naming of physical space will normally require that all or a percentage of the donation be invested with earnings to help support the maintenance of that space.

Example:  “Jesus & Eugenia Leon Guerrero School of Business and Public Administration Building”

Naming an Academic Program
The naming of an academic program will normally require a donation sufficient to offset fifteen percent (15%) of the annual operating budget of that program. The UOGEF Chairman will refer academic naming opportunities to the UOG President and Senior Vice-President and Provost.

Example: “Margaret Perez Hattori-Uchima School of Health”

Other Naming Opportunities Endowments
Endowed gifts are donations made to the UOGEF on the understanding that the principal amount of the donation will be invested for a minimum three- (3) year period, with the interest earnings to be used to advance specific educational purposes of the unit, such as the establishment of a scholarship, endowed chair, endowed professorship, or the funding of a particular program or activity.

Example: “Karri Perez Entrepreneurial Scholarship”

Click here to review the many naming opportunities available at the University of Guam.

If you have any questions on how you can support the Capital Campaign, please contact us directly at

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