Lina’la-ta 2 DVD


The Musical Odyssey Continues 

The grand song festival paying homage to Chamorro music and our island’s heritage returns.  In this next chapter, we unravel the events and recapture the sentiments of our continuing story as brought to life by images, songs, dance, narration and visually spectacular executions.  Be captivated with nostalgia by performances of the hits of Chamorro pioneering artists: Jesse Bais, Guam Sirenas, Peter Champaco, Antoinette Quitugua, Remy & Jocelyn, David Evans, Helen Claveria, KC de Leon Guerrero, Rose Martinez, and The Kasuals.  A six piece band will provide the perfect complement to the presentation.  Also taking part are distinguished individuals from various sectors of society who will take to the stage with reminiscent tales of an era that had a profound impact in our history.  It gets a bit more personal this time.

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