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The University of Guam Press is a non-profit publishing house with a mission to advance regional scholarship, develop cultural literacy, and expand accessibility to knowledge about Micronesia by providing high-quality, peer-reviewed publishing services.  

As an integral part of the University of Guam’s Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC), the publishing house aligns its work with the Center’s mission to collect, preserve and provide community access to reliable and accurate information about Micronesian history, peoples and cultures. 

Support our Programs: 

University of Guam Press Fund 

The University of Guam Press fund enables the Press to expand its publishing program and invest in a team of editors, designers, and marketing professionals to continue to publish quality books and reach new emerging markets.   

MARC Publications

MARC Publications is the academic imprint of UOG Press. MARC Publications began in the 1970s as a community outreach program and publishes research-based, evidence-driven academic texts that focus on historical and contemporary issues that impact the social, political, economic, and sustainable development of Western Pacific islands and communities. Funds targeted for MARC Publications will support publishing services for titles in this imprint. 

Taiguini Books

Taiguini Books is the literary imprint of UOG Press. Taiguini Books publishes cultural and indigenous literature for adults and children with the goal of capturing and preserving the eloquence and depth of the region’s dynamic storytelling tradition in written form. Funds targeted for Taiguini Books will support publishing services for titles in this imprint. 

Mañe’lon i Mantitige’ Writers Fellowship 
The University of Guam Press hosts the Mañe’lon i Mantitige’ Writers Fellowship with the goal of fostering a community of local and regional writers interested in publishing. Mañe’lon i Mantitige’ activities support writers throughout their writing process and include peer-review writing workshops; presentations by published authors; editing and revision courses and workshops; intensive writing retreats; public readings and presentations. Funds targeted for the Mañe’lon i Mantitige’ Writers Fellowship will be used to support these programs. 

Island Wisdom Leadership Series 

The Island Wisdom Leadership Series features publications that share the stories of leaders who have impacted the communities of Micronesia. Funds targeted for the Island Wisdom Leadership Series will support research and writing, production costs, promotion and marketing, and public events for the books featured in the series.    

Mariquita Novel Series

The powerful story of Mariquita by Chris Perez Howard was first published in 1982 and has become one of the most widely read books about the CHamoru experience during World War II on Guam. In the novel, Howard chronicles his mother’s life before the war, her enduing strength during the Japanese occupation, and her tragic death at the end of it. In Mariquita Perez’s honor, UOG Press is dedicated to publishing a series of novels that uncover key aspects of CHamoru history, culture, narratives, and epistemologies. Funds targeted for the Mariquita Series will support research and writing, production costs, promotion and marketing, and public events for the books featured in the series.    

For more information about UOG Press, visit www.uog.edu/uogpress

UOG Press publishes an array of academic and literary books and journals with a specific focus on the unique history, environment, peoples, cultures, and languages of the islands that make up the Western Pacific region. Since its revival in June 2015, UOG Press has published over 20 titles, built community partnerships across Micronesia, and won two Independent Publisher Book Awards for two publications – Lina’la’: Portraits of Life at Litekyan (2018) and CHamoru Legends: A Gathering of Stories (2019).

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